Museum Ed

explore these online resources for museum education

Added May 2013

Design Thinking for Museums – Dana Mitroff Silvers and Molly Wilson recently started this blog exploring how design thinking principles can be applied to museums. Their work applies across institutions, but since it is audience-centered, we’re putting it in the Museum Ed section!

Added November 2012

The Constructivist Museum by George Hein originally published in Journal for Education in Museums No. 16, 1995 p21-23

Group for Education in Museums – a UK website promoting education as a core function of museums.  Chock full of great resources.

Added August 2012

Art Museum Teaching – a collaborative blog by art museum educators from across the country reflecting on the practice of teaching in museums

Museum-Ed Blog – the blog for Museum-Ed, an organization dedicated to providing museum educators opportunities to ask questions, to exchange ideas, to explore current issues, to share resources,to reflect on experiences, and to inspire new directions in museum education.

Thinking About Museums – the blog of exhibit designer Ed Rodley, “a passionate believer in the informal learning that is at the heart of the museum experience.”

Whitney Museum of American Art Education Department Blog – very few Museum education departments run their own blogs, but the Whitney’s is pretty meaty and interesting.


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